Windshield de-icing

I have two related questions:

1. Are there any natural substances to help keep the car windows from icing up?

2. Are there any natural substances to help keep the interior windows from fogging up?

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Interior window fogging can be minimized by turning off recycle air control. Cripes washer fluid is only a naturally degrading alcohol that lowers the freezing point. As 75% of pollutants are caused by industry I think your concern over green windshield washer is nuts. Rainex has some good products, there is a defroster button on your car that works well for many…

“Natural substances”? No.
I suggest that you follow waterboy’s advice.

Additionally, please remember that substances such as arsenic and cyanide are 100% natural, but that does not make them safe. Commercially-available products for deicing and for preventing window fogging will not poison you–unlike some natural substances.

Glycerin will keep your windows from fogging up but I don’t have any idea about what you consider natural or even how glycerin is made.

The only thing that’s worked for me…is “Park in a garage.”.