Window gasket slips off

I have a 1998 Buick Regal LS. There is a gasket that slips over the bottom of the windshield on the passenger’s side. This is below the cowling and diverts water to either side of the outside air vent system. The gasket came off for the second time in 10 years, and that’s not too bad. but I’d like to stop it entirely. I notice it when the passenger floor mat is wet for no apparent reason. The water falls into the cabin air vent, passes through the cabin air filter, and then cascades into the blower. The new blower has been redesigned to divert water to the side. It just flows through the knee panel. But if it continues to happen, the knee panel might get too wet and I need to replace the cabin air vent whenever it happens. Neither expense is too big, but I’d just prefer not fooling wit it. Any suggestions?