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Winding sound at highway speed

For the last few weeks my car has been making a winding sound at highway speeds. It sounds as if it is winding out at high rpms but it isn’t. When I let off the gas, the sound doesn’t decrease until the car begins to slow significantly. It also seems not to make the sound if I am going around a right hand curve. The car is a 2005 5-speed mazda 3.

Any ideas what the problem might be? And is it safe to drive 600 miles back home before having it checked out. With the holiday, I don’t have many options.

Wheel Bearing ?


+1 for CSA. I would have the wheel bearings checked out before driving 600 miles. If it is a bad bearing…you can do a lot of damage to the axle or housing. A “side of the road” repair can be very expensive.

Thanks. I’ll make a point of getting it checked out before I head back home.