Will the battery last 2 weeks


I will be leaving my 2003 Honda Odyssy with original battery in the Los Angeles airport for 2 weeks. Will the battery last? Should I disconnect the battry?


I would disconnect the battery, not because it’ll die (it likely won’t) but because it’s at the LA airport - makes it hard for thieves to start and steal the car if the battery’s disconnected.

But at any rate, even if the battery does die, there’s enough cabbies around to give a boost it really doesn’t matter. But I think you’ll be fine just leaving it as is.


A good battery in a good vehicle should be fine for two weeks. Yours is 4 years old, so it’s a bit hard to tell. I’d just leave it as-is and call AAA if you need to when you return. That way you don’t lose any computer setting you may have.


It should last that long, but well no one can be 100% certain. Frankly I like Iproctor’s advice. Disconnecting it will increase the provability that it will still be where you left it when you get back.


If I disconnect the batery, do I need to do anything to reset the computers when it’s reconnected 2 weeks later?


The ECU (computer) will reset itself if the battery is disconnected for a period of time. This means it will have to relearn a number of things, which is normally not a problem and you don’t need to do anything outside of normal driving. If you are close to needing a IM test though you may have a problem passing it if there are not enough monitors set when the testing is performed. Along with the memory, the monitiors are reset when the battery is disconnected too long. Some monitors require a fairly long time to set again after being cleared.

If it were me, I would leave the battery connected. If the battery charge is in good shape and there aren’t any out of the ordinary current drains on the battery the car should start up fine after 2 weeks.


It should be fine. You could have your battery tested if you are worried.


Leave it connected, it should be fine. If your battery is weak, this is a good place to find out, the airport parking lot folks are equipped to give you a jump if required.