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Should I disconnect battery while out of town for 2 weeks?

I just purchased a 2016 Subaru Forrester. I will be out of town for 2 weeks & the vehicle will not be driven. What’s the best way to ensure the battery doesn’t die while the vehicle isn’t used? Should I disconnect the battery terminals? Thank you.

It should be fine as is. You might take it for a 30 minute freeway drive before parking it.

If the car has been driven regularly, the battery should be a full charge. Two weeks should not be a problem.

Just leave it alone. It’ll be fine and probably sat on the dealer lot a lot longer than that. Disconnecting the battery will cause the computer to lose its memory. If you are really worried buy a cheap jump start unit and put it in the trunk.

Thank you all very much for your helpful advice!!

You can figure it out for yourself by buying an ammeter and measuring the current when it’s off. My '87 Toyota pickup draws 6 milliamp (the clock?), 1 amp-hour/week. Because I can go a year without driving it I leave the battery disconnected. 2 weeks is unlikely to drain your battery significantly, but sometimes something is drawing current you don’t know about, enough not to matter over 24 hours but enough to matter for a week.

The OP’s car is a 2016 so there is nothing to worry about. Cars set in airport lots for two weeks all the time.
My 1998 Sonoma would set for two months without a problem.

Back when Subaru was manufacturing most of the U.S. market cars in Japan those cars often spent a few weeks on the freighter without being driven.


No, leave it as is.

And if you do have to disconnect the battery, just disconnect the ground lead.