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Will Not Idle

Recently, I had an intake gasket installed on a 96’ Chevy Lumina. My mechanic cleaned the intake and stated I needed an EGR valve. I noticed a slight hesitation after a couple of weeks of driving, so I rested the car.

After, a month I installed a new EGR valve drove the car a block and it started hesitating and cutoff. I pump the gas and turned the key and it sputtered, backfired, and would not idle. I pumped the gas and it idled a little, but I had to hold the gas pedal and brake to get to my house slowly with dying. What could have possibly gone wrong?

You may have an IAC (Idle Air Control) system fault.

Perhaps a bad control valve.

Once EGR valve was installed CEL went out. Will a CEL occur with an IAC system fault? Previously, a P0401 code.