98 camaro dies when first started- HELP!

okay I have a 98 camaro v6. When i first start the car it will die immediately unless i hold on the gas. After about 20 seconds of holding the gas to keep the idle up it runs fine. Does this whether starting warm or cold.

Have replaced the egr twice and it helped for a few days but i just cant believe i keep getting bad egr’s. once or twice when driving the engine started idling fast at stiops ( like 200 to 3300 rpms ) Shut the motor off, restarted and it was okay, not sure if this is related to the dying.anybody have any suggestions?

The idle air control valve (iacv) seems to be erratic. Disconnect the electrical connector to the iacv, start the engine, and see if there is any improvement.

thanks, i’ll give that a try tomorrow. I did take it off earlier tonight and it was petty carboned up. cleaned it with intake spray’ also noticed- there is a hose that attaches near the iacv, i am assuming it is a vacuum line- i had to take it off to get to one of the screws for the iacv. the hose was cracked near the end and fitting a little loose- wrapped it tight with electrical tape- hopefully i will find out that it was the problem

Hopefully you won’t continue on with the electrical tape and will replace that piece of hose entirely - along with all others like it. Between fixing that and cleaning the IAC I’d be surprised if that didn’t take care of your problem. But if it doesn’t, do check the sensor & its wiring before just tossing a new one on. I was confused by reference to the EGR. Its expensive to change parts without some testing.

The idle air control valve (iacv) adds extra air to go with the extra fuel the engine computer orders the fuel injectors to ummm, wellll, inject. Without the extra air going in through the iacv, the engine will run rich, especially at idle. Use Throttle Body Cleaner to clean those passages through the iacv, and the throttle plate and bore.
The rich running is probably causing a lot of carbon, some of which, as blow-by goes to the engine intake through the pcv valve. And, the carbon (partially burned fuel) as exhaust, is going to the egr valve, plugging the egr valve and the passages to and from the egr valve with carbon.
Clean the egr valve and the passages to and from it with wire brushes and a cleaning spray.

as far as the egr- i replace that twice because i was getting check engine code indicating it was bad. Hey I live in Mississippi- i know electrical tape is temporary- if you really want to fix something its gotta be duct tape. LOL
thanks for the help- it did the trick