Will a car start with an almost empty gas tank

my gas tank is seriously low, i tried to start my car to take it to the gas station but it won’t start…could that be the reason?

Uh…yeah. If your car is out of gas, it might not start. If your gas needle is off just a little bit, or if you’ve been driving around with your low fuel lite on for the past week or so, that might be related to your car not starting. Does that adequately answer your question?

yes, it does, thank you so much. let’s hope it is that and not a more serious problem.

That is also a good way to kill a fuel pump. Put a couple of gallons in it. If it still doesn’t start, then check the fuel pump fuse.

In addition driving on a near empty tank can damage tbe fuel pump. A weak pump could also be a problem.

In most vehicles, you can hear the fuel pump running for a few seconds when you turn on the key. Repeat that several times to build up pressure…(after you put some gas in the tank…)

My wife, against my best attempts to dissuade her, regularly runs the tank very low between fuel stops. On our truck, if the tank is very low, and you park with the front end pointed down, it will not start. She found this out the hard way, but still does it on occasion.