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Wierd Steering Problem

Whenever I fill the gas tank on this 1997 Camry, the steering seems to get tighter (more responsive). As the fuel is used, the steering returns to “normal” What could cause this and how to you repair it?

Perhaps it’s the extra 60 or 70 pounds on the rear wheels, ahich would indicate a need for some suspension work and an alignment.

There is no direct connection between the fuel system and the steering system other than the chassis. But of you have something loose under there, perhaps due to a loose or missing bushing, or perhaps a broken rear spring, the added weight could affect the car’s feel.

This sounds likely. An easy way to test it would be to put 100 pounds of stuff in the trunk (the rough weight of a full tank) when the fuel tank is low to see if the same result occurs.

Thanks for the good idea. We will check it out.

Good idea for checking out the problem. Thanks.