Wierd "Shake/Shift" 2005 Camry

2005 Camry. I had 3 new tires put on the, 2 to replace worn tires and one to replace a defective (sidewall bulge) tire.

Now the Car feels like driving on a flat. It will kind of fish tail, or slide back and forth. It starts about 55 MPH and gets progressively worse (but just barely worse). If you let go of the steering wheel it seems to “self correct”. Meaning when it shifts to one side it will “shift” back, but it’s not overly jerking, more just “shifting” to one side or another. And I can’t tell if it’s in the front of rear. Steering is still tight.

Weirdly, it doesn’t always happen, but most of the time (75%-80%).

Thoughts, input, where to start?

Oh, and the tire pressure is good.

Replace that 4th tire.

I’d guess the 3 tires are a different size from the other 1.


Different size because of wear? Because they are all the same make and model that I have been using on that car for 8 years…Micheline Defenders.

Different size because of actually a different size tire. Look on the sidewall and make sure the numbers match. Specifically the numbers in the format “205/65/R15”

I’d also ask how different in age are the 3 new tires versus the old 1.

Worned suspension components can cause that also.

With so many places advertising 3 tires for the price of four why would you only replace 3 ? I wonder why the tire shop did not have you sign a form that you declined a purchase of four tires .

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First, make sure your lug nuts are all tight.

Did you get an alignment with the new tires? If not, start there, but also tell them that you’re having this issue and that you want all suspension components to be inspected thoroughly.

As already asked, how old is the tire that you didn’t replace and how much tread is on it?

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I purchased 3 tire because two were worn and the other was a warranty replacement.

No, they are all the same size, make and model.

Right there, this tells us that you are not in the habit of rotating the tires as per Toyota’s maintenance schedule. If you had, all 4 would wear at approximately the same rate.

Just how old is that one remaining old tire?

As far as suspension, I have replaces the rear struts and hub assemblies in the last 2 years. Where in the suspension should I start?

I didn’t know I was under interrogation and going to be insulted on here. Thank and merry Christmas to you too!!!

I do rotate the tires regularly. But they weren’t initially not replace at the same time by someone before me, and I don’t see the need to spend the money that is not in my budget to replace good tires.

So unless you are going to pay for my maintenance, or at least be helpful, move on.

Didn’t insult you, or didn’t mean to. @VDCdriver as looking for confirmation of non-rotation. (rhymes!)

If you are not rotating the tires, they develop wear patterns unique to their corner. The replacement does not develop the mirror image wear pattern and this alone can cause what you are feeling.

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You can take questions meant to understand the issue and help you any way you want. I only saw one response above that I would consider close to insulting.

The old tire might be worn enough that there is a significant difference in the outer diameter. A quarter inch of wear is heavy but not uncommon, and you need to double that to see the difference in diameter. Rubber in old tires is also harder than in new tires. If the shop that replaced the tires didn’t fill the remaining old one with air, that can also be part of the issue. Up to a half inch difference in diameter, hard rubber, and possible tire inflation differences taken together can add up to handling issues.

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+1 to replacing the 4th tire.

Even if the old tire is the exact same model, size, etc…an older tire will be slightly smaller in diameter simply due to the wear/friction of rolling on the road. It might be enough to notice a difference with 3 brand new tires.

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Also if there is even a couple of years between tires, Michelin may have revised the design of the carcass of the tire. Nothing you can see but maybe something you can feel.

I also see 2 different models of Defender tires, the LTX and the T + H.

This is why you replace tires, at least, in pairs, as axle sets.

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I apologize for replying so late. I know you were not meaning to insult or interrogate. You have been very helpful, and I appreciate it. But him assuming that I am not rotating my tires, I do take as an insult. I have had the car for almost 10 years and one thing or another (warranty replacement for sidewall issues, and other tire problems) have caused me to replace one tire here and there.
And saying, “Just how old is that one remaining old tire?” is a condescending statement.
I DO have the tire rotated, I just don’t have the luxury of affording to replace 4 tire when only one is bad.

But thank you, you have put worth a lot to help me and I really do appreciate it. Thank you.

And no we haven’t figured it out. On dec 18 we had to replace one of the new tire becaus the side wall was bulging out and the problem went away. But now it has come back and that same RR tire is having problems again.

…makes me wonder if there are counterfeit Michelin tires out there.

Sorry, I understand what you are saying, but first, he assumed I don’t rotate my tires, which I do. Second, “Just how old is that one remaining old tire?” is a condescending statement.

But I do welcome question. It’s how we figure things out.

By the way, thank you. Your comment has added something to my information tool box.

And sorry for the late reply. It was Christmas time and thing got hectic and replying was pushed back.