Wi Governer willing to use National guard to bust unions!

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker ® said Friday that he was willing to mobilize the state’s National Guard force in order to address the potential repercussions of his stated proposal to eliminate collective bargaining rights for state employees. Coming to your neighborhood soon


The National Guard has a long tradition of union busting…That’s business as usual…

This is a car forum. Can you find another, more appropriate place for your post?

ExSqueeze me! General discussion is the forum it is posted under. There are general soldiers in the national guard, maybe even generals so you sir must suggest a more appropriate place.

 [i] General discussion is the forum it is posted under. [/i]  

 Yea, but the you missed the part about the entire site is devoted to cars.  So the general discussion would be about car related issues that do not have a more precise area, may be something like the best looking color for a car.

Seriously OFF TOPIC.

Yep. As much as I am pro-union, this site is called “cartalk.com” for a reason.