Why steal air bags?

Actually, I was thinking of the other “fake” . . . the current POTUS, yeah, I’m talking about the guy with the orange combover


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You guys are probably too young to remember the 1960 election between JFK and Nixon. It was believed Nixon actually won except for the shenanigans in Illinois and Texas. Nixon said he wasn’t going to contest it because of the harm it would do to the country. Now we are seeing cases coming out of the woodwork of folks voting who are not citizens. So we should keep our eyes open when we talk about election fraud. We don’t know how many but we know it’s there and LA, New York, and Chicago seem to be hot spots.


I had one too.

I had to put my car in a body shop.

When I went to pick it up, I did not notice that the key to my gas cap was missing.

On my way home, I realized that I was low on gas.

To be continued…

Give me a break

Voter fraud is not a significant problem

Not even close

It’s been proven time and time again

I’m in Los Angeles

And the only thing hot here is the weather, during the summer time


Used car parts is a huge business. Many cars stolen are stripped of parts to sell on the black market.