Why smoke coming out of crankcase

i have owned accent crdi 2004 with 1.1 lakh km driven in chandigarh city. the condition inside outside and engine looks very nice. but today i have gone to a local machenic because of low average 15km/ltr. he test drived the car and told me the clutch plated are needed. after that he opened the engine cork & oil gauge, the smoke was coming out of it, he told that the engine also needs to rebuild as soon as possible. so pls help me about the fault.

the pickup is very good .

car runs very smooth and silent .

no extra sound in engine.

engine oil level is proper.

no high temprature

the owner was a software engineer and he kept the car with his heart always serviced by authourised service station.

i was also gone to service station but the responce was not good. they told without check n test drive that car needs a service.

but the owner told me that he has got serviced the car two weeks before

Find a new mechanic…this guy is trying to rip you off.

The car isn’t burning oil…power is good…sounds like it’s running normal…and the mechanic determined that you need an oil change because smoke was coming out of the oil filler???

Agree; GET ANOTHER MECHANIC. This one is either crooked or incompetent or both!

15 km/liter equals about 35.4 mpgUS, which is OK for an Accent. We rented an Accent recently with a 1.6 liter engine and got 32 mpg doing mostly highway driving in the summer.

Your car seems OK and not in need of any major repairs.

i have already asked 4 known mechanics and authorised workshop in city. they all have only one solution to this smoke in crankcase n that is engine rebuilt.

i m so scared guys. pls help me out of this problem if any can.