Why not Pontiac?



If the Toyota Matrix is the subject of the unintended acceleration recall, why isn’t its sister, the Pontiac Vibe being recalled?


I think that it is subject to the recall.
In my newspaper today, it listed recent Pontiac Vibe models among those that have been recalled.


It is.


The 2009 and 2010 Vibes were all recalled. It’s just not a sensational as a few million Toyotas.


I read an article that mentioned that nation-wide there’s still 60-something '09 Vibes in dealer inventories and they’re not selling them now due to the recall.


It is, but GM is waiting for Toyota to find a solution.


technically Ponchos arent related to Yotas. theres an ocean there. 'cudas and challenger were sisters, camaros and firebirds were/are sisters. to be “sisters”, they have to share the same platform.


The Toyota Matrix and the Pontiac Vibe DO share the same platform, as well as virtually all mechanical and electronic parts. The only real differences between the two vehicles are body and trim parts.

Have you ever taken a good look at both of these models?
If you did, you could not help but notice the “amazing” similarity. That is because they are essentially the same car.


I know someone whoa has a Vibe, there pedal has stuck twice. He Just pulled it up with he foot.It happened when he was at full exceleration. I can not remember the Last time I mashed the Pedal to the Floor in my Car.