Why is my kia sadona have ing a hard time startijg

And yes I ran out of oil but put 4 quarts in an now when you try to start it it wants to not start but will start d it’s fine why!!!

Running out of oil will cause major damage to an engine. Get it towed to a reputable shop and have it checked, but you may need a new engine. Or a new car.

“it it wants to not start but will start d it’s fine why!!!” ?? can you rewrite this, can’t understand it.

Have them run a compression test and see if it’s toast. Then you can decide what it needs.

It’s fine now running fine and starting fine

Hoe do you know you ran out of oil? If the dipstick shows no oil, you still have at least 3 quarts left. If you then adds 4 quarts you are OVERFILLING IT and this causes engine damage.

If you tore a hole in the crankcase and all the oil leaked out, you have actually lost all your oil.

What exactly is your question here?

If you were four quarts low, your engine probably had its lifespan reduced significantly, even if it’s running now.