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Toyota sequoia leaked out oil and now wont start

2001 toyota sequoia had oil changed but the oil leak out within 1/2 a mile. Engine automatically shut off. Oil was refilled but when we tried starting it, it would not run. The engine would crank over and over but would not get to the point where it would run or start. Ive been told there may be a safety shut off unit that activates when there is very low oil or no oil at all. Any input on what may have actually happened? Can a motor seize within a few minutes of driving @ 40 mph?


If you’re driving at 40 MPH and lose all the oil in the engine, internal damage can occur in the engine where the engine won’t start.


The place that did the oil change owes you a new engine. I’d start talking with a lawyer.

Tester could well be correct, that the engine has suffered internal damage. But it’s also possible – and I fully admit this is just a guess – the engine computer might disable the ignition system when it detects low oil pressure. Suggest to check with a Toyota dealership shop, as you might need a tech with the Toyota scan tool to clear a disable flag in the computer memory.

Some manufacturers have the feature where the engine shuts down if there’s a loss of oil pressure.

Unfortunately, this vehicle isn’t one of them.


What type of shop did the oil change? Was it a quick-lube place?

Since the starter motor is turning the crankshaft over and over the engine isn’t seized, and that’s a good sign. Before you can decide on a path of regress, you’ll first need to find out exactly why it won’t fire. It is possible that this vehicle has an automatic shutoff if oil pressure is lost, but the only system of this type that I’m familiar with only disables the engine until pressure is resumed.

I think George has given you good advice. Have it towed to the Toyota dealer, give them the full story, and let them look at it. They’ll probably start with a scan of the ECM. That should lead them down the right path, and if it is a disable feature they’ll be able to reset it.

Hopefully, the only damage will be reduced lifespan. Hopefully you do have a protective system and it triggered.

Let us know what they find. We do care, and there might be something to learn here. Meanwhile, resolve not to go to Jiffy Lube anymore.

You need fuel, air, and compression for a motor to run. Running without oil might have caused cylinder and ring damage. A compression test will yield useful information.

You need fuel, air, and compression for a motor to run. Running without oil might have caused cylinder and ring damage. A compression test will yield useful information.

Your engine is damaged goods. The only thing in question is the degree of damage.

You state the oil was changed but did not state if some lube facility did this or if you did it yourself. You’re referring to “we” being involved in this.

If some facility was behind this error then there’s the issue of do they know about it yet. If not, then you get into the issue of filling it with oil yourself and that could lead to an out for the facility.

SOP for quickie oil change places. Iffy Lube is now running commercials stating how professional they are. Yeah…right. I have been hearing horror stories about them for over 30 years and the tales have not slowed down yet.

You might try this. Take the spark plugs out. Squirt some engine oil into the cylinders. Try to get the oil onto the cylinder wall. If this engine is a V configuration, get the oil on the upside wall. Turn the crank a few revolutions by hand; replace the spark plugs; and see if the engine will now catch.