Why is my engine so noisy?


2015 Jeep Cherokee 2.4 engine. Engine is very noisy at idle. Not noticeable when driving. It has variable valve timing or valve lift. I also has a big black hat on the engine, I wonder if that is supposed to quiet the engine some, if so it isn’t working.


you think yours is noisy, you should hear my 1990 Cherokee with the 4.0…


Hopefully it is under warranty, check your oil level, had a oil and filter change within manual suggestions?


Barky, It is under warranty it has 4,750 miles on it, has sounded this way since day one. Runs great and I love the 9-speed transmission.


Have you taken it to the dealer and complained? Just in case.
You could also try another of the same and see if that one’s noisy too. If so, it’s normal.


The noise was there from day one. 4000 miles later it is a problem ?


well the dealer is just gonna say it is normal I hoped someone had one and could tell me it wasn’t.


If the dealer says it’s normal, ask him to demonstrate it by starting up another one or two Jeep Cherokees on the lot.


"Engine is very noisy at idle."

Calling it “noisy” is just too general for me to imagine. Is there any way to zero in on a better description, or “by saying it sounds like a ___________ ?” ( hive of bees, broken exhaust manifold, marbles shaken in coffee can, finger nails on a chalkboard, etcetera ).



What Is The Date Of Mfg? (Sticker On Driver’s Door Or Adjacent Door Opening Lock Pillar.)

I see that they made a handful of 2015 Jeep Cherokee 2.4Ls for a few days in February /2015 that were built with incorrect crankshaft tolerances, but I see no indication that they are noisy. Some of these get new engines.



Some 2014 And Early 2015 Jeep Cherokee 2.4Ls Emit A Sputtering Sound From The Exhaust And Require Installation Of A New Resonator.

What Is The Date Of Mfg?



Does it have direct injection? That can sound like a diesel at idle.


I haven’t noticed this engine to exceptionally noisy but the Tigershark engine does use a unique method of valve actuation. The valve lift, timing and duration is controlled hydraulically. This has been claimed to improve fuel economy but results have not proven this. Perhaps future developments with this system will show improvement.


Is this a direct injection engine? If so, they tend to be noisy and almost sound like a diesel.


Simple test-start another one at the dealer and listen.


I’ll be the third person to ask…Does this engine have direct injection?

So many questions, so few responses…


Can you post a short video of the engine at idle, both with and without the engine cover?


For the record, I went to the Jeep site to try to find out whether this has a direct injection engine and was totally unable to find out. They have a list of “comfort and convenience” features the length of my arm, but absolutely zero technical data. I guess nobody cares anymore.


From what I can tell, the 2.4L Tigershark uses typical multiport fuel injection. It doesn’t appear to have direct injection.


I will check the date of Mfg. To me the noise sounds like to much clearance between the cam and lifters. It doesn’t click but thumps. thump, thump thump It almost sounds like an exhaust leak at the engine, as I said, it has always been this way. I am thinking that the big black plastic cover on the engine magnifies the sound.