Sony Car Radio MEX BT2800 mucking up after 4 yrs

Others seems to have prob on these Sony XPLOD models in just about 4 yrs - some minor issue - some grounded the unit and it worked - others used the remote and it was back to normal:

Another forum discusses:

Mine was without any power other than a beep to remind me to remove the faceplace - after resetting the fuses it powers but no buttons are working - just like others reported.

I just do not want to keep buying one every 4 yr - people had reliability issues on Pioneer too - I would not mind buying one with 3/4yrs warranty. The bluetooth is what I am dependent on - built in Mic - it answers my calls - drawback is it only remembers the last BT phone. What would be a good replacement?

It was on my Acura Integra 100k and am planning on keeping it.

It is possible that it could be easily fixed - but all I tried no luck - when I push the button to eject the CD, it goes blank - meaning all lights on the unit goes out.

I only got 2 yrs out of a Sony Xplod series head unit. It simply stopped accepting CDs. Called for a warranty repair, and the warranty expired 2 months prior. They refused to cover it, so I pitched in and replaced it with a JVC. I’ll never buy Sony again. JVC worked great for 5 years until the truck was wrecked. I have a Pioneer in my car right now with BT. It’s only been a year so far. But no issues.

I expect there’s a problem with one or more of the buttons, either sticking on, or sticking off, may be creating multiple key presses at the same time, which is confusing the electronics. It’s confused as to what you want it to do in other words.

Make sure all the buttons are clean, don’t have gunk between the button and the faceplate, and operate freely. If that doesn’t work, a repair shop might be able to clean the button contacts. But replacing the unit with a new one is probably the best bet.

One more idea, make sure none of the speakers are shorted out.

@GeorgeSanJose - do u know a shop can plug in my stereo and test it out hopefully won;t charge me - I already removed it … Frys, Bestbuy?
This way I can eliminate shorting speakers or alternator…?

I do not think that any buttons are sticking - it is like new condition.

I had the identical radio to the one in the picture in my old car. It had good sound and I never had any problems with it. The one true annoyance was the bright blue-lit button, prominent on the left, especially at night. I ended up putting tape over it.

Since you have the radio out of the dash anyway, try running a temporary ground wire and touch it to the metal chassis. See if that makes it work normally.

@oblivion - I made that connection with the ground using my body - is it no good - wires are better?

Anyway it did not make it to work normally.

How long you had yours for?

Google “your city car stereo repair”

there should a YELP link with a list of vendors who might help you if you take the unit to them. Whether they’ll do it gratis, well, no harm to ask anyway.

@sciconf: I had mine for about 3 years I guess.

For the <$150 you likely paid it is throw away tech. These units used to cost more and were repairable.

Actually I still have mine including the (superfluous) remote. If you want it, PM me and perhaps we can work something out. It was going to go on ebay or similar when I wasn’t feeling too lazy.