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Why doesn’t the website have a Chevy R10 option?

I have a Chevy R10, but the car talk site does not have an option to choose this vehicle. I always have to choose C10 instead. Anyone know why? Who could I contact to make the change? Does anyone else have a vehicle not listed on the site?

@cdaquila This sounds like your area of expertise Carolyn!

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Yes because there are thousands of vehicles that have been made with hundreds of trim levels . So yes other people have that problem especially the people from other countries besides the US. It is not that hard to type the year , make and model of your vehicle.
You may be the only person who asked about an Chevrolet R10 pickup.

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But that’s the thing, it’s not a trim level. It’s just the same thing as Silverado or Yukon for example

The R/V designation was only used for a handful of years, in place of the C/K designation, so they are not as common. This was during a drawn out truck generation change from '87 to about '91.

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Ok. I was just wondering because on some sites, they have it, others, they dont. I was just surprised because after all, this is car talk.

They don’t have the Ford F-1 or the Mercury M-1 listed either

I am still upset that the King Midget is not listed .

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While I am no expert on Chevy trucks, this is the first R10 I’ve ever heard of, so there must not be that many of them around.

Thank you for the bat signal, @pyrolord314.

@ethankeuning it’s not personal to the R10, and there are a lot of models that aren’t available through our drop down menus. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. This has come up before and for a while we had the ability to create a tag if it wasn’t on the drop down, and then somehow we lost that function. In our last set of requests (along with darker time stamps on posts and a couple of other things) I asked how we could have that restored.

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Thank you!

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