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Why does my car do this periodically?

Ok so my car does this when starting it up. It has done this maybe 2 times this week, but has been going on longer. I went to oreillys and they said the alternator, battery & starter are good. Any ideas? I have a 2011 dodge nitro. EDIT I added a link of a short video of this issue in the replies

It won’t let me upload attachments:(

Does what?


Just tell us what it is doing. Or not doing. Sometimes this site places upload restrictions for infrequent posters.

If the alternator isn’t recharging the battery, and you go to start the engine, the current draw from the starter will draw the battery down to a point where the instrument cluster starts to act weird.


So you saw the video I posted in that link? Does that mean you think it’s something between the alternator and battery? Sorry. I know nothing when it comes to these issues.

I didn’t hear anything wrong with the starter. It would have helped if yo had put your seat belt on so that annoying bell wouldn’t be ringing. How long does the engine clatter last after it starts, you shut of the video too quickly but it does sound like a collapsed lifter.

I should have mentioned this at the beginning when I saw your vehicle.

It might not be the alternator.


It lasts maybe 10 seconds after I turn the keys. And then it shuts down. Sometimes I have to try and restart a couple times before it actually starts.

Your starter sounds good to me. Does this thing start eventually? How long does this sound continue before it stops? There is not enough info to even guess what might be wrong.