Why do i have to press the gas for my car to start ?¡¡¡¡¡¡


I have an 2001 cadillac coupe deville dhs

I bought it about 2 months ago and started doing repairs
I replaced all the radiators hoses due to them being cracked and busted
I replaced the thermostat
I replaced the oil
I replaced the oil filter
I replaced the brakes
I also replaced the airfilter

The battery also dies but its due to a bad battery

When i put the key in the igniton and turn it over itll go to start and itll turn over,and over and over but will not start untill i press the gas then itll crank up

I have to press the gas repediatly and turn it over at the same time until the car starts, What could cause me to have to do that ??

i was told the fuel pump ???
If yall can let me kno that would be helpful


It sounds like the Idle Air Control valve isn’t working.


The IAC valve controls the engines idle speed under all conditions.

If this valve fails to function, it doesn’t allow air into the engine so it can start and run.

When you step on the on the gas, this opens the throttle plate which allows air into the engine, and the engine starts and runs,



holding throttle at 1/2 while cranking is supposed to richen the mixture. flooring it is supposed to shut off the fuel flow. pumping it while cranking only confuses the computer. been told


low idle???

Once it starts, does it seem to idle ok after that? Or does it seem to be idling at too low of an rpm?

It idles okay after that but I have to press the gas nonstop while turning over for it to start

I hope it’s just the idle air control valve . So it couldn’t be the fuel pump ?

Drive it down the road at full throttle, if there is a problem with the fuel pump there will be a loss of power.

If the engine starts right away with the throttle open there is a problem with the idle air control motor. If the engine cranks for a long time before starting with the throttle open the fuel pump may not be holding pressure.

It has all its power the car doesn’t lose speed and it takes off just like it should its just that I shouldn’t have to press the gas repeatedly while turning the key over for it to start

While there’s a possibility, among other things, that there’s a too-rich condition during cranking for some reason, the most likely culprit for the symptoms is faulty idle air control. That is where your shop will likely first focus their attention.