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Why do dogs pee on tires?

Ive seen many instances of dogs (and cats) peeing on vehicle tires. I guess its a territory marking behaviour, but why the tires? Do they have an attractive scent? Any way to prevent this (besides a pellet gun)?

The tires are the thing that contacts the ground - same as the base of trees, lamp posts, fire hydrants…I think there’s a thread in here somewhere with an animal expert who answers the animals vs. cars questions.

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and can pick up scents from wherever the cars been driven lately. Including those of other dogs. They are just adding their own to the mix…like saying “I’m here too”.

They see the “Made In Japan” lettering.

Fot that answer you’d have to figure out why dogs pee ON anything.

Too funny.

Because if they tried to reach higher on the car they would;

a) fall over
2) pee on themselves
III) need a 6 pack of beer as a distance enhancer

You should be grateful, would you prefer they peed on the paint? Or your door handle???

All Passenger Car Tires Specify “Pee”. My Tires Are All P225-60R-16.

Besides that, rubber comes from rubber trees, dogs like trees . . .


A Little Tire Peeing’s Not Bad, Eh ? Ever See What They Do To Some People’s Legs ?


I think they choose tires because the smart dogs told them there is little chance of electric shock.

Same as the answer to the other question: “Because they can.”

There are far more car wheels than fire hydrants. As other say, dogs mark territory.

I’m with Ken on this. Dogs always look for something vertical to pee on. Why? Perhaps it’s because their underbelly would be exposed to a predator during a time when they’d be unable to protect themselves and over the millenia they’ve learned to keep their underbells protected. Perhaps that “drove” evolution and only the dogs that kept their underbellys protected got to pass their genes on.

They pee on anything vertical, but there has to be a reason. Perhaps that animal lady will post in.

Dogs pee on parked car tires because it is difficult for them to pee on tires while the vehicle is moving.

Because they have to go.

Dogs save it up and pee on everything they can, a little at a time. So tires are just one more thing.
I don’t have a dog but I’ve walked my sister’s dog on visits. The peeing I get. I don’t get what’s up with the poop. The little monster seems to only get the urge to take a crap while on the nicest lawns in the neighborhood. I have actually stood around in the small wooded area and nothing happens, but the second he’s on a nice, well-maintained lawn the haunches go up and the butt points down.

You also have to ask why do birds poop on your car???

I hope nobody takes a pellet gun to YOU next time you have to pee…

Excelleny comment. I’d like to join you in stating that anybody who actually does use a pellet gun on an animal that is not posing a threat to them or others is a cruel individual and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

A squirt gun might work and poses no danger to the animal. But it should only be filled with water, not with anything else.

Because they are peeing where the last dog or cat went…and you didnt notice or see that happen…so now they are going to mark that spot as theirs. Its Animal Grafitti

I carry pick-up bags when I walk my dog. I’ve noticed when my dog takes a dump, we have almost always walked the same distance from the house. Apparently, walking stirs up the dog’s urges to have a bowel movement.

My dog marks his territory as do the other dogs. However, we rarely have cars parked on the street in my neighborhood, so I haven’t observed the dog peeing on tires. I know dogs do this. We used to have a joke about a certain make of car not starting either in wet weather or if a dog peeed on a hubcap.