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Why didn't GM recall the 2010 Chevrolet Impala?

why don’t gm recall the 2010 chevy impala with so many transmission problem I just had mind rebuilt

Since you have appearantly researched this, what percent of 2010 Impalas had failures with properly maintained transmissions?

Consumer Reports’ data show the 2010 Impala has better-than-average reliability for Transmission Major and worse than average for Transmission Minor.

Tell us more about your transmission’s problems and who determined it needed to be rebuilt. What did the rebuild entail? Who did the rebuild? How’s it working now?

Recalls are for safety problems. What issues did you have with the transmission that were safety related?


Plus its eight years old. I don’t think even the diesel extended warranty went that far back.

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The most obvious question to me was how often over those years and miles did you have the transmission serviced?

My gut feeling is never; and the gut is usually right.


The 4T65-E is reputed to be a very reliable transmission. The W-Body with a the 3.8L/3.9L and 4T60-E/4T65-E is about as reliable a GM car as you’'re going to get. The transmission is reliable, you don’t issue a recall if there’s no reason for it.

Chances are we will never hear back from the OP.