1996 impala ss

i recently totaled my 96 impala the car has personal plates that i removed from the car. i told the insurance company i was keeping the plates. i have bought another 96 ss how do i register the plates to the new car ? or can i even do that thanks in advance jim johnson

Maybe. Check with your state department of motor vehicles.

Your best source of information is the Division of Motor Vehicles in your state, rather than an anonymous collection of individuals located in (perhaps) all 50 states, all of which have different regulations.

In Minnesota, vanity plates stay with the inividual. Not the vehicle. So if someone purchases any vehicle those plates are put on that vehicle, and that vehicle is registered with the state DMV with those plates.

Check your state DMV to see if the same rules apply.


Not to mention those of us from Canada, and elsewhere.

Call your local DMV or Ministry of Transportation office.

Ditto for Ontario, Can. Regardless of type of plate.