Why did my dad's car throw up?

About 24 years ago my father bought a thunderbird because… well who knows why. Oh yeah, it’s because he crashed the rabbit into a parked tow truck on a side street.

One day the family was driving to Canada’s Wonderland on a lovely summer day when the car started making noises. I was 4 or 5at the time so I can’t give a lot of detail other than that 23 miles into the trip we had to stop off at my great-grandparents house to “make sure the car doesn’t go kaput”

As soon as my father opened the hood some green fluid shot out like from a super soaker to which I said “look daddy, the car is throwing up!” We named the car pukester

My father is not a part of my life any more so I must turn to you all.

What exactly pukester throw up and why?

It was probably coolant

Back in those days, green coolant was the most common

It overheated.

He probably bought it in the first place simply due to nostalgia. The T-Birds of 24 years ago were a poor substitute for the originals, which were in their day considered really cool cars.

Blown radiator hose my guess.

Your father may have opened the radiator cap.

Too much ethanol, same as the rest of us.

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