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1991 Ford F150

My husband has a truck that yesterday overheated in 17 degree weather. He replaced the thermostat & housing on it. When he went to drive it home last night he said it made a really loud noise & shot smoke out the back. He is not sure what the problem is now. The truck will still run, but he pulled it over at a friends welding shop so that he would not be stuck on the winding road in the dark. Can anyone give an idea on what the problem may now be with it?

We are going to need more information. For example has anyone checked the oil level? What was the power like before and after? Was it just one large puff of smoke or did it go on for a while? How many miles on the truck, any prior history of problems?

The thermostat replacement and the current problems may, or may not, be related.

Did he, possibly, install the thermostat backwards? It happens, but let’s assume he installed it correctly.

We need more information on this vehicle. Mileage, service history, anything you’ve got.

Sounds like he had a backfire, which shouldn’t happen, but could. We just don’t have enough information to go on.

Is the Check Engine Light on?

Timing chain slipped and teflon timing sprocket teeth fell off. My first idea.

Thank you for responding! The oil levels are fine & full. He said that the upper radiator hose blew off & caused the noise because when he changed the thermostat he lost a clamp. No power was lost when the thing happened & he just told me that the smoke was under the hood from the hose blowing off & liquid hitting the motor. He said that he has went back where it is sitting to look at it in the daylight & that the radiator is not circulating the liquid thru the engine. Any help right now will be greatly appreciated. The truck history we do not know becuase it was givien to us when I quit work to take care of my mom before she passed away. Merry Christmas to you guys.

The thermostat is in correctly, he lost a clamp when he was putting it in for the hose & after asking alot of questions, he said that the smoke was under the hood from that & it never lost the power. He said that noise was from the hose blowing off from pressure. He went back up to look at in the daylight & said that the radiator is not circulating the fluid. Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas!!!