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Why chevy sucks


My video why they suck

Buy another Ford if you’re not happy with your Chevy

Take The Effort You Put Into Complaining And Channel It Into Transportation And A Career.

Mother Nature abhores whiners. That old truck didn’t put you out of business. Develop a more positive outlook, accept responsibility for your station in life, pick yourself up and dust yourself off, and you can become successful.

I hope I’ve helped, CSA

You provided absolutely ZERO information about the maintenance history of your truck. How do we know you didn’t ignore it to death?

Nor did you explain why you bought a Chevrolet if you had such good luck with a Ford in the past.

You sunk all that money into this truck instead of using a bit of logic to purchase a different truck. You are the reason you are out of business, not the truck. Basic preventive maintenance cures a lot of potential problems. Work trucks work harder than grocery haulers, take care of them.

While I do believe that GM does NOT make the same quality vehicles as Toyota or Nissan…They do make decent engines. Never heard of catastrophic problems with GM engines. If properly maintained they should last a 2-3 hundred thousand miles. I suspect this engine wasn’t properly maintained to be dead after only 125k miles.

“I suspect this engine wasn’t properly maintained to be dead after only 125k miles.” Or maybe the owner was just unlucky. It happens that there are a few cars/trucks off the assembly line that are sub pare. That does not mean they all are.

While the OP may have some legitimate complaints, I suspect there is another side of the story that would put his issues in balance and perspective.

Without knowing all the details, nobody can pass judgment or draw any conclusions from the video.

Oh yea…I really have no idea what the problem is. Just taking a guess here. Last GM truck I owned…engine didn’t give me any problems…it was everything else…A string of problems almost every week that was costing me way too much money to keep.

While I do believe that GM does NOT make the same quality vehicles as Toyota or Nissan…

The large truck offerings (Tundra, Titan) pale in many ways compared to GM/Ford full size trucks. Asians are simply behind the curve on putting together a large truck due to lack of experience. Titan is not known for great reliability and Tundra’s do have some issues and some fatal(rusty frames).

I don’t think its a fair statement or assumption Toyota/Nissan make better large trucks. They remain unproven and unfortunately expensive to fix at older age. Again IMHO.

My mum has had significantly less problems with her previous GMC Subarban 3/4 ton 4wd over 14yrs/230,000 miles vs her Tundra with 100k miles. Also similar fixes where nearly half.

Smaller trucks and cars Nissan/Toyota makes a decent product but that is worldwide distribution not US concentric.

I don’t always give the Big Three much credit but they do know how to build quality full-size trucks and SUV’s.

My father in law drives around in 2000 Ford F150 v6 with 320,000 miles. His previous work truck was an 1980’s F150 with 550,000 miles on the clock. The best part is ANY mechanic usually can work Ford trucks and he finds ones in “heart” of some shady area’s(Lawerence MA) to keep his going at bottom dollar.