Why can't you easily bleed brakes with ABS?

Would air in the ABS Module leave a vehicle undrivable, or just with a mushy brake pedal?

What’s the difference? A car without properly functioning brakes isn’t driveable.


Wow this post is old, I’ve learned so much within 2 years.

To reply to your comment, if you have a spongy/mushy pedal the car is still derivable no?

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In the most technical sense, yes. But it’s one of those "you spent so much time wondering if you could that you didn’t stop to wonder if you should scenarios. The potential for disaster is simply too high to make it a good idea.

Well I suppose technically that would be up to you in the moment, but strictly speaking, if the car has a spongy/mushy brake pedal then the brakes aren’t working properly. And as far as I’m concerned driving a car without properly functioning brakes is a dumb thing to do.

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I have an interesting issue with my jeep and think you can point me in the right direction and save me a lot of time correcting it. You game?

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