Service bleed

2008, 3.5L. Disk on all 4. I have an autoenginuity scanner. I want to bleed the ABS. The instructions on scanner says to open the appropriate bleeder screw, pump brakes once every 2 seconds. Then actuate the scanner and continue to pump every 2 seconds. I have no Ford Instructions. The internet search came with pretty much the same. I would have to assume that I would have to run a line to a fluid reservoir with fluid to keep air from being introduced to the system while pumping. Am I right or am I missing something?

Yes, that is correct. Bleed normally, use the scanner to open the ABS valves, pump a few times, close the ABS valves, pump again. Close the bleed screw. Add fluid to the reservoir. Repeat until all 4 are done.

Thank you. I didn’t think I was too crazy. :sunglasses:

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Many times the folks who write that stuff up leave a bunch of things out.

FYI. Did this and all went well. The only slow down was a stripped bleeder screw. That’s why I got the car. The downside is I gave the car back after they purposely gave me a gift $75 more than a shop would charge, and the brake light switch failed on. The brake pedal position probably changed a little. So I’ll be replacing the switch. (For free). Thanks for your input.

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