Who's fault is it?

Driver A backs their car into the garage. Two days later Driver A goes to their car and starts to pull straight forward out of the garage. Driver A is shocked to hear a load ripping sound and looks to see that the passenger side of the car has hit the side of the garage door. The mirror has been ripped off and there is paint all the way down the passenger side of the car. While driver A is standing in the driveway crying over the damage and wondering how in the hell it happened; Driver B comes out and says “Oh by the way I moved your car over in the garage. It was TOO close to my car!” Driver B did not pull the garage out of the garage and repark it - they just wiggled it over in the garage. $600 of damage. SO…Who’s fault is it? Driver A blames Driver B for moving the car and not lining it up corrently with the garage door; A backed straight in and pulled straight out; but Driver B says A was in control of the car and should have been looking as they pulled out. Also, is Driver A the wife or husband?

You have a much bigger problem than who did what.  Get over it, sh^% happens. Have you checked with the insurance company.  If you are paying for coverage, you should use it.

My wife and I use each other’s cars; the warmest one gets used to save gas. The mileage of both cars is similar. My wife parks closer to the center of the garage. When I use her car, she makes a correction for that rather than blindly driving out.

I won’t assign blame, except to say that when you park in a PUBLIC place, you really don’t know who will park what beside you. So you have to use judgement when exiting. You should use equal judgement when exiting your own garage.

  1. driver a is the wife.
    2.driver b is husband
  2. and driver wife is always correct.
  3. if 1. and 2. are intermixed, refer to #3.
    #3 takes precedence at all times.

it is the garage doors fault. it should have been installed wider from the beginning.
the cost to repair should be borne by the husband, and flowers should be awaiting on the table for the next month. (at least)

is a and b are mixed up,

Since driver B apparently has keys to driver A’s car, I’m going to assume that they both have free and unencumbered use of the vehicle. That plus the fact that driver A should have been paying attention when she pulled the car out suggests to me that driver A bears primary responsibility.

Driver A’s name is probably Marlene, so I’m going to assume driver A is the wife.

You are a smart man Cappy.

Technically ( although I love the "wife is always right answer ) the resposibility lies with the driver at the time. Here at my Ford dealer there are multiple drivers of customers’ cars and this fact is drilled in to the lot lizzards and the techs. Know the vehicle before you even start it up ( ie. read to repair order to find out such things as “no brakes”, “no oil” etc. ) Driver “A” is probably in the 99.9 percentile of drivers who don’t even know their right rear tire is low, they just hop in and GO. Driving is the responsibility of the DRIVER at all times.

The person behind the wheel has final control over the vehicle so my opinion is that it is the driver’s responsibility to be aware of their surroundings before moving the car. It would be the same thing as checking the rear view before backing up in a parking lot.

Sounds like you need to go here.

My wife and I drive each other’s cars occasionally. It’s the driver’s responsibility to ensure that they look at the garage doors to center the car every time they exit the garage. I carefully watch out of both rear view mirrors each time I back out, even after parking in the garage for over 10 years. But I don’t know how The Wiggler moved the car, there could well be fault there, too.

But what difference does it make? It’s his money, it’s her money, and you both will lose some of it to repair the car and the garage.

The right hand wasn’t told what the left one did. Sound familiar?

Solution? Fill the garage with crap like most other people and park outside.

Yep, of course driver A, but could have been avoided by a little communication, but see response above for real life. Doesn’t matter who’s fault it is.

  1. Any divorce would cost more than $600, so not worth sweating it!

driver b should have said that he/she moved the car

driver a should have looked to make sure everything was safe.

driver a & b need to stop squabbling and admit 50/50 fault.

wife goes shopping with girlfriend and complains husband has a head like a housecat.

husband goes golfing and complains the wife has no idea how to drive.

husband & wife later say sorry and make out like mad.

now, go get the car fixed.