Right front door damaged heavily

Accident happened between two parties. Party A is my car and Party B is the other car . Party B was pulled over extreme right end side of the road. The driver was checking mail in mailbox near to the road. Party A saw the party B atleast 150/200 ft behind and slowed down the speed as it had to take right turn after that. the speed was around 15m/h .Then it turned on right signal and crossed the party B and started turning right. All off a sudden Party B started pulled away from curb and started driving straight and hit the Party A front door.
Country : US
State - Missouri
It was rental car from hertz. informed hertz and filled up the incident report.

1.Want to know who’s fault is it? both?
2. want to know what will be the cost to replace the front door totally. Car model - Chevy Spark year:2014

In every case like yours with which I am familiar, the person who was parked and then pulled out was the one who was considered to be liable. That being said, I am not an attorney, nor–as far as I know–are any of the other members of this forum. For legal advice on which you can rely, you need to speak with a licensed attorney.

If party A passed party B’s vehicle, and party A continued to make the right turn at controlled intersection, and party B’s vehicle struck party A’s vehicle, party B is at fault.


I might add, if you rented the car with a credit card . . . like most of us do . . . you may have additional rental car insurance, through the credit card

any witnesses?

Besides the 2 parties involved, I mean

Did you get the other guy’s insurance information?

Any idea about the average cost to replace the front door ?

You would only have to worry about the cost of replacing that door if…
you are actually considered to be at fault…
you don’t have your own auto insurance policy…
if, despite having no auto policy of your own, you declined their insurance coverage.

Can you clarify for us whether you have your own auto insurance policy, and whether you declined Hertz’s extra-cost insurance coverage?

I donot have my auto insurance policy. I am a visa credit card holder. I rent the car using this credit card only. Visa provides rental car damage insurance so I avail this one. In order to get this benefit I had declined Hertz damage waiver and I have taken liability coverage from hertz.

Sparksud Traffic laws vary from state to state but I’m not aware of any that give right of way to a driver entering a thoroughfare (street, road, or highway) from a parked position. Since you have collision and liability insurance coverage you should be OK. I wish you the best.

Was Party A or B given a ticket?

Was there a police report?

A situation like this is why I pay for the insurance rider from the rental company. My personal policy has 1000.00 deductible so what I pay them I just call it walk away and forget about it insurance. The OP needs to talk to the rental company, their Visa rep and their own auto insurance if they have one. As for the door price that will be handled by the rental company’s repair facility .

It appears the OP possibly does not own a vehicle. When they rented from Hertz they purchased the liability insurance and had the VISA collision insurance. Pretty smart.