Who would ever tow a trailer with a 2024 Luxury-level Lexus RX350h?

I’m not sure this is a serious conversation but both my hitches have the draw bar removed as seen above. So you just have the square tube showing and for a dollar you buy the cover. One I got from a dealer and the other from etrailer.


My Acadia limited has a removable bumper cover for the hitch maybe 12" wide and 4" high, couple of clips to undo it, but otherwise pretty much invisible. So you do not even see it. If I had stuff to tow less than 3500 lbs with a lexus why not? Sure it is raining, see if you can find it.

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They weigh about 1050 lbs. That trailer should come in below 1500 lbs so it is well within the capability.

Racing, even Legends cars like this one, is expensive. If you can afford to do it, you can afford a Lexus.

I would not tow anything with an RX350.
When appearance is valued, surprised thathe RX350h Luxury has that ugly, wife say, hitch visible.
Woman refused to purchase an RX350h Luxury with everything she wanted because it wasento the dealership with a hitch. Unwanted hitch also additional co$t.

Looked at images of an RX, IMO, the hitch is the best looking part of the vehicle. Has she looked at the grill?


Seems to me that considering Lexus went through the expense of R&D to design a trailer hitch and install it on their $70,000 RX350, that there must be enough demand for them to install one…

Sooo, I guess that means thar there are enough Rich Upper Cla$$ Red Neck Hill Billy’s out there to make it well worth installing a trailer hitch on a RX350 to make it worth while…

So now that you know there are lots of lower class trashy people out there driving the same vehicle that you and your upper cla$$ companion are driving, how does that make your upper cla$$ a$$ feel???

Some RX’s grills, I forget which year, look like a fish with big open mouth.
So laughabe I am surprised anyone boughthem.

We be po’ White trailer trash. Only drive used vehicles.

The Lexusalesman said they did not order the RX350h Luxurys with trailer hitch.
They came that way.
They lost the sale of one just because it had the hitch.

My point exactly…

Your version of “po’” and used vehicle is a little different from mine… A new 2023 Lexus is not very used… And looking at a $70K 2024 Lexus is not very used or po either… :man_facepalming:

And driving a new car off the lot makes it used, is not the point…


I ain’t looking. But wife notices.

He’s wrong, unless he meant that all the RX350 hybrids the sales manager orders come with the tow hitch receiver. The tow hitch receiver is a $980 option for both the base model and Premium model.


Yes, “tow receiver”.

Seemstrange, but my impression is thathe dealership gets whatever Lexusends to them.

If you want something special, you have to order it and it may be many months before you get it.
Presumably if another Lexus dealership in your state had something your customer wanted, it could be driven to your dealernship.
(I do not really khow it works.)

It might be they are just making them for the European market. They use little cars to pull their big trailers for their weekend get always all the time.

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If they want all that stuff, then they should stay in a hotel . . . or simply stay home, where they have all that stuff, anyways

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That’s what I used to tell a coworker who owned Ford 450 diesel dually to tow his 33,000 lb travel trailer with two axles with DUALS! So 8 wheels…

Back in the early 2000s, that rig had to cost $140,000 or more.

You can rent a LOT of nice hotel rooms for that price…and the fuel to tow it.


thank you for share with us.

Not really. The 2024 Lexus RX350h starts at about $52k. The average price of a new car is around $48k. These days. It’s a nice vehicle, but not a super-high end luxury SUV. For that you’re going to want the LX 600, which starts at around $92k.

Hmm, seems some people in Colorado own snowmobiles, might even tow them with their Lexus. I have not seen jet skis, snowmobiles, kayaks,or small boats exceed 3500 pounds.

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Lexus sold more RX’s last year than any other model, Really nice and generally a much better dealer experience compared to most Toyota dealers. It’s a more luxurious Highlander or Venza and I can see some buyers needing to tow a boat or small trailer once in awhile.

We saw a huge travel trailer at a remote area in Utah.
Completely self-contained. Hot and cold running water, dishwasher? garbage disposer?, bathroom toilet, sink, shower, air conditioning/furnace, stove, oven, microwave, big screen TV, internet, (antenna allowed reception).
Did refrigeratorun on electricity or propane gas as parents 21’ Holiday Rambler did?
Wife say bigger than mother/father apartment in China.
Surprised it did not have a hotub.