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Who should I buy car battery from?

I been through two batteries with Kragen in 8 years, AutiLite.

I am looking for a different vendor now.

This is for a 1999 Acura Integra - I am thinking for going to Costco - any thoughts?

The Kirkland batteries are good, so are the Duralast.


I’ve also had good experience with Costo and Autozone batteries. The prices are fair and they seem to last a fair amount of time.

Just make sure the new battery has a 3 year free replacment

By the way, there’s an Autolite battery in my mom’s car. It’s almost 6 years old and still going strong. I test it occasionally with my battery conductance tester, and it still tests good.

It wouldn’t hurt to check the output of your alternator in case it isn’t fully keeping up with the needs of your electrical system and battery charging.

Check out the latest Consumer’s Reports ratings on car batteries. You’ll probably have to visit your local library to find it. CR says the best brand of battery depends on which group it is. My Corolla takes group 35 battery, and I buy that battery from Costco and have gotten good results and the price is competitive.

Costco/kirkland is one of the best.

It is identical to the Sears Diehard Gold battery, but Costco gives you a longer warranty.

And, of course, Costco charges about $60-70 less for their battery than Sears does.
However, you have to do the installation yourself, and some folks just don’t want to do that, or are not capable of doing it.

I have EverStarts from WalMart in a couple of my cars. No problems with them. The older one is over 6 years old now.

I always buy interstate batteries. I had some in a diesel bus that lasted 12 years, and the store near me sells remanufactured batteries for a significant discount.

Thanks all.

Well I ended up in getting it at Costco - core is only $9 compared to $15 at O’Reilly. Warranty is also 36/100 months. Only the Kragen batteries and radiators seems to last for only 4 yrs. I found US made all aluminum radiator online for comparable price but it was too late.

I first, I got caught at mid night far away from home with dead battery - nowadays, I check my batt and alternator every yr - today I found out that the batt was dead. I took care of it so I won’t have any break down - hope the new batt is within spec.

BTW, at interstate battery you can get half off on the scratched up batteries, I heard.

Thanks again.

And, of course, Costco charges about $60-70 less for their battery than Sears does.

Depends…If you catch one of Sears sales…they’ll beat Costco every time. And as for the warranty. I’ve been buying car batteries for 40 years…and I’ve NEVER EVER cashed in on any battery warranty.

That is how its been for me since 1989.
The last two purchases at Kragen (O’Reilly) - I first went there because it was urgent. TO use their warranty I went back again but started checking my batt yearly.

Kirkland is a long term partner so hope the batt will last - I did see a returned batt on the isle too!

I also have never had a battery fail within the free replacement period

In fact, I’ve never even had a battery fail within the pro-rated replacement period

But I suppose the 3 year free replacement is good peace of mind

“I did see a returned batt on the isle too!”

Was that isle Maui, Oahu, Kauai, or Molokai?
If so, at least the battery got a nice vacation trip, instead of being returned to the appropriate aisle in the store.


No this was in Calif.
So they borrowed the batt before a trip?

Way back I had to replace batteries from Crown Auto (bought by Champion, now O’Reiley), and also many times from Walmart. Walmart was the only free one. Never returned a Delco.

I cashed in on Sears battery warranty twice …sort of. The first time it was a battery that wouldn’t start my car below 10 degrees and I had to take it back twice because they said it tested good after an overnight charge. I told them I was tired of running back and forth with their battery and threatened to drop a thick iron bar across the terminals overnight before I brought it back again. They then replaced that battery with a new one that worked fine for years.

The next Diehard that failed on me, I got a jump and drove my car in and they installed a loaner battery so they could charge and test mine. When I went back the next day, they had LOST MY BATTERY. The then wanted to pro rate it but because I bought it on sale, the price they wanted was more than I had paid for the battery. We argued for a while with no resolution and I drove off with their loaner battery, A Delco that lasted many years.

Shortly after that two things happened.
1: I went to buy a new Diehard for my riding lawnmower and when the clerk put it up on the counter, it had a made in Mexico. I told him that I wasn’t going to pay Diehard prices for a battery made in Mexico and bought an American made Exide for half the price.
2: Just after that it came to light that there was a nationwide scheme by some Sears auto department managers that were cleaning up returned batteries and selling them as new.

I no longer buy much of anything at Sears

I’ve noticed many more batteries are Mexican made nowadays

Doesn’t bother me

Many of our fleet’s GM trucks were made in Mexico

Does that mean they were overpriced?

I believe the Ford Fusion is built in Mexico

Does that mean it’s overpriced?

They’re all potpourri anymore. My oldest son’s Camaro was built in Canada and much of my old Mercury Sable was manufactured in Mexico with assembly in Chicago.

The “American made” VWs that came out of PA were actually only assembled there. With the glovebox out the Hecho en Mexico stamps in the firewall could be seen.

Regarding Sears, it wouldn’t surprise me to see them go belly-up. For years I’ve wondered how the one nearest me manages to stay open at all. Walk in any time and a mausoleum at midnight is noisier by comparison.
Not to mention that a lot of Craftsman branded/Chinese made tools are going down the tank as to quality.

Regarding Sears, it wouldn't surprise me to see them go belly-up.

They need a major rehaul if they want to still be in business 5 years from now. They’ve been on life support for about a decade now.

Not to mention that a lot of Craftsman branded/Chinese made tools are going down the tank as to quality.

Good thing I bought all my Craftsman tools when they were still made in the US. Their power tools have been junk for years.