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Hyundai part

I hit a possum and a part of my car shattered into multiple pieces. I am trying to figure out what it is and what it does so I can know whether it needs to be towed or I can drive it. I know it’s some sort of air duct. It’s part 28210-1r100 which I believe is this

Reading the description in the link says it is an air duct. What you have in your hands looks like an air duct. So the part carries air to the engine. Shouldn’t be a concern to drive the car without this part. Start it up and look for a yellow Check Engine light. No light, drive it home.

Agreed…that looks like the Air Snorkel to duct cool air to your Airbox… Though I am having a real hard time imagining how hitting anything in the road would affect something that is usually at the top of the hood…or just underneath the hood on the level of your battery.


You can see where it tore part of the bumper away. And the part was right in front of the wheel in that open space sitting pretty low to the ground

I looks to me that there are two boxes… One is fed by that sqarish looking duct that is behind the grill or at the seam of grill and hood… The other type looks like either a feed tube or the resonance tube.

Its a little confusing actually… Most airboxes have two halves of the airbox…One half is above the filter…the other below. One side needs a fresh air feed tube…the other goes to the engine… Many times the one going to the engine also has a separate takeoff as a resonance tube. Other makers use a resonance tube in the same area as the intake feed tube…

Perhaps the diagram is showing the Airbox on the left…and a resonance box on the right? The resonance box is to quell induction noise…and it looks like you have a resonance box…which is possible…all depends on the maker.

I dunno… I would know if I was standing in front of the car however. Either way you can drive the vehicle with what you have…as long as your filter is still in place and the engine is inhaling air thru it. Very hard to tell what the diagram is showing… I think its an Airbox on the left and a resonance box on the right


Thank you for the help. I can’t tell either from the diagram either. As long as I can get it to the mechanic I’ll be good

Yeah it will be fine

You’ll be fine. The opossum, well, not so much… :smiley: