Who is the best used car salesman?

Comedian Fluffy (Gabriel Inglesias) has a huge VW bug and Bus collection. Completely restored.

Extremely funny too. I’ve seen his standup on comedy channel a few times.

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Believe me, he has made me think that numerous times. It’s like he’s trying to break a record. He has picked up many and then some (dozens) of those derelict vans over the last years in Sweden, Norway, Germany and even Finland. Many are the times where I have thought: THAT HAS to be the worst piece of crap he’ll ever find and the next time, he comes back with something worse. Did it this time too.
Amazing thing is, though, he always comes out with a profit. Good for him and I admire his selling talent, but that was what I meant by a challenge:
Do any of you, out there, know of a match? It does not absolutely have to be old cars. :smiley:
Maybe some of you has a good and funny story to tell.

Someone traded a VW bus to the local GM dealership. I don’t know if it was special or rare, just looked like a VW bus to me as I passed by along the highway. It sat out there a looong time. Their used car parking lot backs up to the Little Tallahatchie River that runs through town and always gets out of its banks and floods a few times a year. I noticed when it flooded last time they moved all the used cars uphill. Except the VW sat at the lowest point in the lot, closest to the river. The water got about 1/3 to half way up the sides of the bus. My wife and I joked that they were going to just push it on in and let it float away! It’s not there now, no idea what happened to it… I smell a Haggerty’s insurance scam lol.

Editing to add, the flood bus looked a heckuva lot better than the ones in the pics! It was a later model though, I imagine. And it had the oft overdone hippy motif. Motife. Mottif. However you spell it.

Yeah, the popular ones are the original, made thru the 60’s. Personally, I’d like to get a 72, when they were in transition from old to new. Uglier than any of the previous, but still using the old engine.

Not so much a desire any longer. Parts are getting expensive since Mexico stopped building them. In 98, my friend’s son blew the engine in his. New engine, $1000 installed.

At first I thought you were asking like when someone asks, “Who’s a good boy?” to their dog, but looking in the mirror.

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I need neither a dog nor a mirror to know whether I’m a good boy or not. I know I’m a good boy :smile:
I’m just curious as I’m certain that there are some good and funny stories out there, just waiting to be told.
That’s all.

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Those probably have 21 or 23 windows, not the basic cargo van.

You guys got me going thinking about VWs. At the grocery store checkout there was a New York Times magazine about 1969. On the cover was the line of cars going to Woodstock and the picture is of (sure looks like my 59 bug) a VW with a sunroof just like mine. I’m not sure who the girl was since there were a couple blondes, but that could be me except mine was blue with the sunroof and I didn’t go to Woodstock. I don’t even know if I heard about it until it was over but couldn’t afford it anyway. So I bought the dang magazine and it cost me $15, contributions welcome. As you know I’m not a fan of the NYT but this is pretty good with articles on the space shot, Viet Nam, and everything else that was going on in our lives back then as a 20 year old.