Old VW beetle with shiny rims

Not a question, a comment.

Saw an old VW beetle with what appeared to be splotchy gray primer paint for a paint job and an ugly luggage rack on top. But it did have what appeared to be low profile tires and shiny rims. Couldn’t help but think if all I could afford was an old VW, I sure wouldn’t be splurging on fancy rims.

I seriously doubt anyone (in this country anyways) is currently driving an air-cooled VW because that’s all they can afford. They’re enthusiast cars now plain and simple-- for just cheap transportation there’s much better cars that are much cheaper.

Actually, though after I sold my (also beat up) '69 Beetle a few years back, I was suprised to see it driving around on a set of fancy new wheels a few weeks later. The guy I sold it to has about a half-acre of air-cooled VW’s (some nice, some not so), and my old bug had needed tires and the ones he had lying around happened to be on fancy new aluminum rims.

How Do You Know That The Splotchy Gray Primer Won’t Soon Be covered By A Shiny New Paint Job ? Could Be The Mechanicals Were Taken Care Of First

Okay, I stand corrected. I still think a) it was the ugliest automotive sight I’ve seen in a while and b) I would never put the low profile tires and shiny rims on a VW bug, no matter its condition. And I sincerely hope a paint job is in the works sometime soon.

I Don’t Like Those Tires On Any Car, Unless It’s On A Race Track.