Who is the best BMW mechanic in Toledo, OH area?

My brother just moved to Toledo and needs help finding a job. He is a factory trained BMW mechanic, has all his own tools, and has been a mechanic all his life. He even drives a Beemer.

Let me know if you know any great, honest mechanics who needs help or wants to expand their repair service to include BMW’s and I’ll pass on the info. Thanks.


What factory was your brother trained at?

I believe he has been to Denver a few times. I can check if you need specific documentation.

He has a BMW Master Mechanic Certification, which is the highest you can get.

What I am getting at is their is a difference in the training that BMW provides at one of its training centers and actually being trained at the factory where the cars are produced.

I worked at a Independant VW shop and the owner advertised “factory trained technican” VW’s lawyers made him remove the line from his sign. A dealer had sent him to a class here in the states.

The shop was called “Bugsville” the lawyers also made him remove “Bug” (he changed it to “Bucsville”

Other than the BMW dealer there is one outfit “Import Auto” who does a lot of work on Jaguars, MBs and ?possibly BMWs. The owner is a very reputable and respected gentleman in the auto sales and repair circle. He has been in business for over 30 years and that must speak for itself. I do not know if he is looking for someone or not but why not give him a call.

Thanks for the info, “factory trained” was my description, not my brothers.

Thanks, I’ll pass along the tip. My brother has been to Yark BMW but the mechanics were standing around waiting for work.

I was wondering if there is an independent repair shop that is getting all the work.