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Good BMW mechanics


I got a 2000 BMW 528i from MGM autos. I am now looking out for a good mechanics / service center. I found out that the BMW service centers are too expensive. Please recommend some good Mechanics in San Antonio

You will have to fill out an application so that I can determine if you will be a “good” customer. I would not want to send a problem customer to one of my “good” mechanics.

Well. Its my first car and probably a first visit to a mechanic. What TEST do i need to pass to be able to qualify for your answer??? Where can i find an application form… I did not know that the information on good mechanics was so sacrosanct…


Oh yes, a good mechanic must be well fed and groomed, and they have fragile egos that must be massaged.

hmmmm… I understand that… But its as important for me to know that my car is in good hands. And with so many of them its difficult to decide upon someone, someone who really knows the vehicle and explains why and what he does… much like a surgeon before an operation. Specialized mechanics are no less than surgeons

You could try Car Talk’s Mechanics Files:

Thanks a Ton!!! I ll surely look up in it