Who is kicking my Volvo?

Once in a while it feels like someone kicks my car. Maybe it skips a beat. This happens when my foot is on the brake. The car may be stopped or moving slowly. Sometimes this makes it stall.

When the air flow meter is replaced the problem goes away for a month or two, then it returns. Is the computer ruining the air frlow meters? I replaced it twice and am about to do it for the third time.

Recently I replaced brakes and the symptom changed: the kicks now come in pairs, they feel softer, more muffled, and so far the car hasn’t stalled.

The Volvo in question is a 1995 Turbo 850 station wagon

If an automatic transmission, I’d suspect the lock up torque converter in the auto transmission is not releasing smoothly or when it should. There is a controller for the transmission that may be sending bad info to the transmission, or the torque converter could be failing internally.

This happens only when the car is not moving, the transmission is in Drive and my foot is on the brake. A you sure you think this is caused by something in the automatic transmission?