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Who do i call?

At the end of may 2018 I went out to a repair shop and paid $1400.00 for a brand new ac unit in my 2005 Ford excursion, since then I have brought the vehicle back 5 times and it is 3 months later, now they are trying to charge me another $1000.00 for a rear condenser. Who can I contact legally about what these people did to me, I feel like they replaced parts that did not need to be replaced, and wasted alot of my time driving the car back and forth. I also found out that the mechanic doing work on my car was not certified to be working on ac units. HELP!

Get in touch with the EPA, and inform them that a non-certified technician worked on your AC system

The shop will lose it’s AC certification, and pay a steep fine.



I doubt a complete A/C system with all new components cost only $1,400. They probably changed a few parts and now the old parts they did not replace are failing.Happened to me with my Ford Tempo in the 90’s.

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Here’s an idea what a complete AC component kit costs for a 2005 Ford Excursion.


Personally I would first use that information as leverage against the shop. Did you pay the $1,400 by credit card? If you did and can present evidence of fraud (non-certified AC technician) you may be able to have the $1,400 credited to your account. I also recommend you contact your state attorney general consumer protection office.

The Environmental protection agency?



Section 609 is an EPA Certification that deals with the safe handling, recycling, and disposing of refrigerant. It is not technical repair training and has nothing to do with whether or not a mechanic can accurately and properly diagnose and repair your car.

Sorry you are having this trouble. I expect whatever they replaced didn’t solve the original problem and whatever that was had already contaminated the system with metal debris. This isn’t an uncommon thing w/automobile AC systems. Which is why its best to choose a shop based on personal recommendation, like from your regular repair mechanic or a friend or neighbor who’s used that AC shop. Suggest you review this four part tutorial on AC systems. Then at least you’ll have the knowledge to be able to communicate with whoever you need to be communicating with to get it all resolved. Best of luck. I don’t see a simple solution unfortunately.