Who can best fix minor electrical issues?

My wife is expecting triplets and will soon be using my SUV since it’s our only car that can fit 3 baby car seats in the back. Before she starts driving it, i need to get several electrical issues repaired with my SUV. Who can typically fix the following issues for me since i have no time to do it myself?

-Remote Keyless entry will not work (not the batteries)

-Sunroof won’t work anymore

-front passenger seat controls won’t work

What makes you think these are “minor issues”?? Fixing all this could easily go four figures. If you have the money, take it to the DEALER and have it fixed. If you don’t have the money, don’t worry about it. None of this stuff is that important. You have checked the fuses, right?

Who can best fix minor electrical issues? My first thought would be “a trusted mechanic.” Somehow I think that’s not the answer you’re looking for. I would start with checking the fuses in case your keyless entry system has a blown fuse. You might have to take that to the dealer, the remotes might need to be reprogrammed. You might first check your owners manual to see if instructions for reprogramming them are in there. I’d for sure get that one fixed, as a woman with triplets needs all the conveniences she can get. The sunroof? That’s a luxury item. I’d put that off for now. The front passenger seat controls? Who cares? Unless a long legged person needs to sit there and the seat is stuck in the forward position. Again, I’d look for a fuse for that one too. If you found a good mechanic you trusted, that would make life a lot easier for you and your soon to be enlarged family.

I suggest you try to find a local shop that specializes in electrical repairs. They can handle these problems. Some shops don’t have techs that are real savy on handling electrical problems and it can take them more time to find the trouble. A good shop may have fairly high hourly rates but they will most likely take less time to fix the troubles.

It seems the highest priority is power driver’s seat if wife is not at safe/comfortable adjustment. Keyless entry may be a reprogram, usually required after changing batteries. Sunroof I would ignore unless you have money to burn.

I agree with finding a shop the specializes in electrical problems. I think that there are diffrerent mindsets for doing electrical work and doing mechanical work. A few people have both, but it seems to me that most people are either in one category or the other. I can diagnose electrical problems, follow a wiring diagram and so on. On the other hand, I really fumble with moving parts. My brother, on the other hand, is a plumber. He can fit pipes, swap engines in and out of vehicles, and so on. Yet, after drawing him diagrams and having numerous conversations about how to wire the kitchen he added to his house, I finally drove three hours to his place and did the job. I play horn in both an orchestra and band and follow a line of music. My brother, on the other hand, anchors the keyboard in a jazz combo but really struggles to read music.

Back in the late 1950’s I knew a wonderful transmission mechanic. He could diagnose transmission problems and was employed by a dealership as the transmission technician. He was sent to training sessions on the transmissions as they were released. On the other hand, he literally had trouble diagnosing a defective tail light socket.

Seek out the electrical shop for your problems.

I checked the fuses and there are no issues there. The only item that is a must have for a mom of triplets is the keyless entry.

I was able to play around with the passenger seat and got it to work. No luck with the sunroof yet, but that is not a must have. I have an update on the keyless entry issue. It appears that i can get the unlock feature to work, but not the lock feature when using the FOB. I guess i’ll take it to somewhere that specializes in electrical issues. Is that somewhere like a car audio/security place?

I Would Say “No” If These Are Factory Installed Door Locks. I Would Take It To An Auto Electric Shop That Works On Vehicles (Some Only Work On Removed Components).

Do you have the second FOB that came with car? Have you tried that one, yet?


These are factory installed door locks.

The second key fob has the same issue as the first one - only the unlock button works. I’ve replaced the batteries on both.

I had this problem a long time ago with a van.

I replaced both remotes batteries and no luck.

I got my longtime independent tech to look at it, and in fifteen minutes found the fault (actually two).

One was dirty contacts in the signal receiver in the dash and both remotes needed to be reprogrammed due to replacing the batteries.

I agree, forget about the sunroof.

You MAY have dirty or disconnected connections within the wiring harnesses under the seat/under the carpet.