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White splatters on engine?

I opened the hood of my 2004 A4 2.0T (~145k miles) and saw all of these white splatters. I think it’s coolant but was hoping someone would be able to tell me where it’s leaking from based on the photos. I’m hoping it’s not a huge fix money wise…Thank you!

Could be cement residue from driving through an area they were using a concrete saw with water to keep down dust. Not a typical coolant issue to me. Have you been loosing any coolant?

Your picture is all screwed up so I can’t see where it is coming from. Likely it is coolant and getting a new pressure cap for the overflow bottle may fix this.

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My coolant level looks ok

The top right photo is the underside of my hood, and the top left photo is looking down into the engine bay (the right side of this photo is the engine cover). Hope that helps!

How would you recommend cleaning it off if it’s cement residue? Any special cleaner?

Or, more to the point, have you been LOSING any coolant?

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Give me brake, Trust me I am engineer!

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I’ll make it real simple

You want to know if it’s cement or coolant . . . ?!

Get a plastic spray bottle and fill it with water

Now spray the affected areas

If the white splatter quickly dissolves, its coolant

dried cement won’t dissolve so quickly

Looks like the coolant hose on the front of the engine is leaking, you will need to take a closer look.

Unless you have been driving with the hood open it is not cement or bird droppings.

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That’s what I was thinking , dang that must have been one big bird.

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Usually a failing water pump would cause splashes throughout the engine, it leaks only when driving and falls on the belt which shoots it on the engine, good way to tell is to look up at the hood, if you have same stains under the hood itself it’s a good possibility it’s the water pump

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The water pump is behind the timing belt cover, there won’t be any open splattering of coolant when it fails.