White smoke

i was on a bus recently, there was a pop and then a white plume of smoke that came from underneath. What on earth was that???

either the bus driver ran over a troll, and the troll escaped by flying up to neverland, or the bus may have hit a pothole, and maybe there was steam escaping up while you looked out the window? this is not something that can be answered unless you (or the respondent) was there, and actually was involved with this.

bus’ do have an air pump which frequently “pops” a pressure relief valve under the bus. (actually trucks have this too) the steam is am impossible thing to determine. (was it actually steam, smoke, coolant, or oil?) there are too many possibilities!

You ran over the bishop?

Good question. It could have been almost anything. Did the bus continue on its way? If so, it could not have been anything too serious.

The bus held a conclave and elected a new pope.