Whirring sound in Chrysler Town and Country

I have a 2006 Chrysler Town & Country with approx. 68k miles. I have a “whirring” sound that accelerates as I accelerate. My garage tells me it’s the rack & pinion steering and I need to replace it for around $1350 + tax. They said the boot is empty of power steering fluid and I have a leak yet I have no evidence of leaking and just had oil change, check-up and all fluids were ok.

With that amount of info no one can tell you about your whirring sound. There are about 100 things that will “whirr.” I will say that if the whirr is related to power steering then it is more likely to be the pump than the rack.

If you don’t think they have it right, get a second opinion - not on whether or not you need a new rack, but on what is causing the whirring noise.