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Whirring sound from engine after changing plug & air filter

I have a 03 Honda Odyssey and just changed plugs and air filter. There now a slight wiring sound. I was wondering what possibilities could be…vacuum leak, something incorrect in way I tuned car, new problem?? It doesn’t sound like a steering pump. It quotes down after awhile.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Loose spark plug? Tightens up when hot?

When that happens?

Go back and recheck your work!


Could be part of air cleaner box or hose near box is touching a moving part.

Ok. I agree I need to recheck my work, only we needed car for work so I did not have a chance. Only now after my wife came home the distributor cap is overheating. I checked specs on plugs and they match. Never had that happen. may need to replace ignition coil(s) uuugggh. I heading down a rabbit hole…

For the wirling sound, check to make sure the air filter compartment kid is attached correctly.

Thanks for everyone’s input. I am going to attempt to reinstall everything and also replace the distributor cap. And maybe an ignition coil that looked bad. No timing light though. So this will be interesting. Fingers crossed.

Ok I checked my work and it must be the alternator is going since it was smoking one time. The engine is running fine. I guess I wait until it goes. Thanks again