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Whirring Noise on acceleration

My Montana sounds like an airplane on a runway. As I accelerate, it whirs louder and louder. I can’t even talk to the person in the car. I thought is was my new tires, but they were replaced and it still makes the noise??


Is the noise related to engine rpm or car speed? Does it make any noise at a stop in drive, out of drive?

The noise sounded like my tires. The faster I go the louder it gets. Like I am on a runway in an airplane. If someone is talking to me they can hear it through my cell. I had had a problem in March with a sensor. My rpm’s were going bonkers, and then the noise increased after replacing the sensor. It does not whir or howl when I am idling, only when accelerating?

Makes no noise at a stop in or out of drive.

It is really hard to diagnose a problem without experiencing the problem and locating a source, but first stab at the cat is a bad wheel bearing or axle boot that has failed.

Thanks. If I waited to have it fixed is it dangerous?

Sounds like a bad wheel bearing to me, maybe two bad wheel bearings. They are a common problem on Montanas. To narrow it down, try getting up to speed and veer in either direction. If you veer to the right and it gets much quieter, it’s the right one. If you go to the left and it quiets down, it’s the left one. If it doesn’t really change, it’s probably both. If you have antilock brakes, the parts will be more expensive since the ABS sensors are built into the hub bearing. You do want to get this fixed soon to save your hearing, sanity, and to save yourself the experience of having a wheel come off while you are driving. If you can’t talk to your passenger, it’s pretty far gone.

Thank you very much. I will bring it into my mechanic on Monday.