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Whirring noise from alternator?

We have a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country. This morning started making whirring noise at start up, became louder as we accelerated then after 6 blocks batter light came on. Appears to be coming from alternator. Yesterday we brought the car tho Speedee oil change as we were planning to drive to Dallas today. Could this be related? Thanks

Yes, this could be related. I’d recommend not driving the vehicle until you recheck Speedy’s work…starting with the oil level on the dipstick.

Post back with your findings.

The noise could be from the alternator, in which case, Speedee is probably not at fault. However, as mountainbike implied, there could well be other sources for the noise, and those sources can be traced back to Speedee.

As mountainbike suggested, the first step is to check the level of the motor oil on the dipstick, and I would suggest that you also check the level of the transmission fluid. Why do we suggest these things? Because quick oil change joints are notorious for destroying engines, transmissions, differentials, brake hydraulic systems, etc. by failing to refill them, by overfilling them, and by putting the wrong fluid into them.

Unless you want to court danger every time that you have the car serviced, I strongly suggest that you AVOID all quick oil change places. Find an independent mechanic for this service. Also, many new car dealerships charge competitive prices for basic services like oil changes. The quicky places do bad work and are actually not that cheap.

If you want to have your windows washed, that is the ONE advantage offered by quick lube places, but I would rather clean my own windows and know that someone competent worked under the hood of my car, rather have the under-trained kiddies at most quick lube places do damage to the really expensive parts of my car.

Thanks for validating my suspisions about those places- My husband always uses them and I refuse to for those very reasons. Can you all expand on what may be wrong- our car is packed and ready to go with the kids etc to visit family for Christmas

Nobody can really tell you from this distance exactly what is wrong with the car. If you are going on a road trip, I urge you to at least have a qualified mechanic poke his head underneath the hood for a few minutes before you start out on the trip. The chance of being stranded, in the winter, with children in the car should give you pause.

Check it out before the trip, even if it delays your departure. With any luck, it is not anything serious, but this needs to be checked by someone who can actually hear, see, and touch all of the suspect components.

it could be something as simple as they sprayed/ dripped/ sloshed some oil on the belt, making it slip. on the other hand they could have driped somethign into/onto the alternator itself.

have it checked out, or the alternator could just die on you and leave you stranded with no juice.

your original question is could it?.. yes it could. but only a COMPETENT mechanic (speedee, jiffy, changomatic are NOT qualified mechanics) can diagnose this.

Alternator is bad, change.

Could be the alternator bearings, or the bearings in anything else that’s driven by the belt, or possibly something else altogether. I’d definitely have it checked out before your trip—if those bearings seize midway through your trip, it’ll wreck your whole day.