Tell me it's not my transmission!

My alternator went out Monday. As it was dying, it seemed to effect the rpm. Had the van towed to our usual mechanic. He replaced the alternator on Tuesday. Drove to work on Wednesday and heard something unusual as I stopped in my parking space. Sounded like something dropped - but not necessarily off. Since then, I hear a sound sort of like a growl when the van is moving from neutral to the automatic transmission equivalent of first gear.
Had an oil change Saturday - with all fluid levels checked. Transmission fluid fine. They quickie oil change mechanic noted a small transmission fluid leak.
1.) Is this my transmission or something else?
2.) I don’t think I can afford any transmission work right now. What happens if I put off seeing about this?

What model, year, mileage?

What does this mean: As it was dying, it seemed to effect the rpm ?
What made you think the alternator was bad?

I don’t trust anything a Quicki-lube place would say, take it to a reputable transmission specialist, not a chain.


Have the motor and transmission mounts checked.

“The quickie oil change mechanic…”

I have no idea about your transmission but I do know that there are no mechanics at a quickie oil change place. BTW…check all your fluids because quickie oil change places frequently forget to add oil after they have drained your pan. My advice is to find a real independent mechanic for all your mechanical service needs including oil changes.

What year, make, and model is it? Loosing ellectrical power means everything will stop working. No computers, no spark, no fuel pump. Basically every thing dies.