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Whining noise

2007 Chrysler mini-van…54,000 miles

When driving in town for a long period of time, or after a two mile drive on the expressway, there is a whining sound comming from the engine that is irritatingly loud. This only happens when the engine is hot. All of the fluid levels are fine. The whine continues even when stopped at a red light. The whine increces when the gas petal is pressed. The whine disapears when the engine has cooled.

I am not positive, but it seems as though my gas mialage has dropped as well

I’m an old guy on SS - please help !

Without hearing it, my first guesses would be a worn serpentine belt or a bad bearing in a belt tensioner. These are not very expensive. Hope for the best!

Mileage likely HAS dropped because it is getting cold. (unless you live in FL?)

Agreed. Sounds like a bad bearing in the serpentine route. Bad bearing could also affect mileage as it would make the engine work harder…