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Whining noise while coasting

99 Accord 127k almost.

If you are coasting with your foot off the gas, there is a noticable whine that goes away when you put your foot back on the gas. Its only really noticable between 25 and 35 mph. Is this anything to be alarmed about?

I’ll also add that otherwise, this car runs and performs very well.

Next time you are traveling at that speed, shift into neutral and see if the whine goes away.

Hi RR,

I tried that tonight on the way home from work and it made no difference. That’s good…right?

My old Accord had chronic front-end noise and so far, this one is following in its footsteps. Wheel bearing going bad perhaps? My new hypothesis is that the engine simply drowns out the sound rather than makes it go away.

Arrgh! I hit the flag instead of the reply. My bad. Admin please disregard.

Sorry Jeff. Too much in a hurry.

You said your old Accord had a similar problem, then you mention a wheel bearing.

Does that mean that was the problem with the Accord?

Some of these noises can be hard to trace. It may even come from a worn pulley bearing, although when they start to go the noise tends to stay.

Check to ensure there are no air intake leaks. (ie. loose hose clamps, etc)

Yes my old Accord did have a wheel bearing that had to be replaced. Then it again it was 22 years old with almost 200,000 miles. Really in my current Accord the noise isn’t THAT bad, i’m just going to wait it out and see if it gets worse. Thanks again.